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no fee

fifteen minute consult

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connect with our registered holistic nutritionist to chat about your goals and how we can get you there.

personalized intuitive nutrition program


six week program

one consult
one assessment
development & exploration of program
one follow-up
support via text/email/phone throughout

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consult & assessment
a one-hour in-depth consult is used to get to know eachother, to go over your current diet and lifestyle, to map out your goals, and to how to implement our intuitive nutrition approach. together we will fill out our holistic assessment forms which include a detailed personal symptomatology evaluation of all bodily systems.

personalized program
within three days, we will have completed a full case study report recommending an individualized nutritional program that specifies and explains

  • the unique interconnections of your symptoms

  • potential areas of deficiency or excess

  • a targeted approach to regaining physical wellness, with emphasis on specific macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals

  • strategies for mental, emotional and spiritual balance that are specific to you

  • a meal plan or resource of appropriate recipes

  • supplement and herbology recommendations

  • an in-depth exploration of what intuitive nutrition looks like for you.

we will meet for one hour to go over the program in depth, leaving you with a better understanding of yourself, strategies for reaching your goals, and resources to make lasting changes.

your hour-long follow-up is used to build upon your progress. we can further refine our approach and identify opportunities to make even greater strides towards your goals or develop new ones. though we are here for any questions along the way, this is a great time to gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and its effect on your body, mind and spirit. commitment to follow-ups are crucial for sustained change.

intuitive nutrition advising

$80 hourly

$290 monthly retainer

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holistic nutritional guidance in any capacity, including:

  • intuitive eating guidance

  • individual consultations

  • follow-up sessions

  • herbology or supplement program

  • grocery shopping or pantry stock

  • individualized meal-planning

  • review of medical documents with appropriate recommendations

  • plant-based education for families, children or businesses

  • speaking engagements

plant-based kickstarter


four week program

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this program is designed to provide a proper transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. often, animal products are hastily removed and replaced with refined carbohydrates or heavily processed meat substitutes. improperly making this transition can lead to nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain, fatigue, or muscle wasting.

we guide you through this change so you can immediately feel the benefits - heightened energy, digestive relief, skin clearing, among so many others.

this program includes:

  • initial consultation

  • holistic assessment to determine any areas of excess/deficiency

  • in-depth coaching on plant-based nutrition for your individual needs

  • grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation

  • guide to plant-based supplementing

reiki energy balancing

$110 in your home or office

hour long session

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reiki is a japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. it is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. it is administered by "laying of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. when our body’s energy flows effortlessly, we experience a sense of well-being, happiness, and optimism. when the flow of energy is disrupted, it weakens the functioning of organs and tissues, causing your mind and body to feel imbalanced. it often shows up in the form of pain, illness, stress, anxiety, negative behavior, or an overall pessimistic state of mind.

by acting as a conduit between you and the universal energy field, reiki healers assess where you’ve stored negative energy that is blocking your optimal wellbeing, and directs the healing energy to this area. by removing these blockages and encouraging the free flow of life force, the body can move towards equilibrium and become more able to engage in its innate healing process.

kiara was trained by a reiki master and is certified to offer this unique modality of healing to anyone in need.

some of the benefits of reiki include:

  • alleviating physical pain, anxiety, and depression

  • reducing stress and increases relaxation

  • triggering immune system functionality

  • balancing the mind and emotions, enhancing mood, memory and mental inducing clarity while calming fear, frustration and negative habits

  • speeding recovery from surgery or long-term illness

  • heightening energy, intuition, and connection to higher consciousness