5 physical symptoms that have deeper meanings


We’ve all been there - a headache we assume is from our tight shoulders, an upset stomach from that heavy lunch, or those incessant allergies during springtime. Your body is closer to an impeccably designed piece of art than to a functional machine, making your physical symptoms more complex than simply suffering a worn out feature.

The energy that makes up everything in and around you is subject to constant influence. You are always interacting with your environment and its energies on a largely unconscious level, causing your internal self to constantly fluctuate between energetic build up, storage, spending, transforming, and ideally, balancing. A chronically out-of-balance energy system in the body, such as the digestive system or a particular organ, will cause your physical body to run less efficiently and effectively.

Any symptom you experience is tied not only to the physical workings of that part of the body, but also to a disruption of its free-flowing energy. Luckily, this also means you can improve how you feel by tending to your energetic self in addition to the physical.

Check out these 5 common physical ailments that might run deeper than you thought. And fear not, we won’t leave you hanging - read to the end to learn what you can do about them!

  1. Fatigue

    Likely the most common ailment shared by all of humanity is a lack of vibrancy and vitality. Despite its prevalence, fatigue is not inevitable and should not be accepted! Your busy day-to-day life will tire your muscles and test your conditioning, but it will also upset your energetic balance. Your body is composed of energy meridians and concentrated spots called chakras that are highly subject to influence from physical movement, stress, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your energy can even start flowing backwards if left unchecked, leading to a deep physical fatigue that won’t disappear after a power nap.

  2. Headaches

    You can certainly expect to get a headache after a night out or after forgetting to drink enough water, but did you know it could also be due to disrupted energy? Both an excess or deficiency anywhere in the body can prevent the flow of energy into and out of your head - imagine a drinking fountain with little (or too much) water pressure. The realities of daily life create a constant demand on our intellect, thought processes and creativity. Neglecting yourself the opportunity to decompress throughout the day robs your crown chakra of the ability to drain excess energy from your head. This can result in symptoms like dull aches, pressure, throbbing or shooting pain.

  3. Upset Stomach

    Is there any worse feeling than that pit in your stomach after learning about some bad news? That punch in the gut and rush of nervous heat can easily be traced to an upset stomach. Unfortunately, these digestive upsets occur on a smaller scale any time you think or experience something negative, but the connection between the two events can be missed. Whether or not your mind registers an energetically-charged shift in your environment, you experience it nonetheless. The sensitivity of our stomach is such that overhearing an argument, breathing in second-hand smoke, or imagining a confrontation with another person can introduce cramps, nausea or acid reflux.

  4. Cramped Muscles

    Physical causes for muscle cramps range from a strain or a tear to a magnesium-deficient diet. However, as you begin to develop more awareness of your spiritual self, you might experience involuntary muscle spasming. This phenomenon is simply your body responding physically to energy. Often, the cramps arise from our tendency to resist this new or unexpected flow simply because it’s out of the ordinary. These are adult growing pains!

  5. Lower Back Pain

    You might assume your back pain is a result of lifting something incorrectly or overdoing it at the gym rather than an overburdened liver. This organ is considered the powerhouse of the body and can easily become overwhelmed with toxins, waste products, and hormones that need to be removed from the body. The liver is also where you store anger, however, which we tend to harbour until we are overloaded with resentment. Once affected, the liver hinders the functioning of the large intestine which can radiate to the back, causing pain.

Illness shows up in your energies before it manifests in physical symptoms. A sound approach to self-care is to both prevent and reverse energetic imbalances that are causing you to suffer physically. hiley is happy to provide nutritional and energy-balancing (reiki) services specifically designed for your personal wellbeing - check them out here!

kiara tchir