learn how to connect to your body & use food to your individual advantage, without the restrictions of diets.

hiley uses nutritional science, your unique symptomatology, and the principles of intuitive eating to assess what kind of support you need to realize your definition of personal wellbeing. our bodies speak to us the only way they know how - through physical, mental and emotional symptoms. learning to listen, understand and respond is a deeply satisfying and personal journey.

as a firm believer in the health at every size initiative, we celebrate body diversity, reject harmful diet culture, and encourage deep connection to the wonder that is the body. we do not believe in fad diets that are designed to trick the body. we explore all aspects of the self that shape our eating patterns, fostering a safe space for cultivation of self-awareness, unconditional self-love, and a body image untouched by criticism and shame.

our developed approach of intuitive nutrition means allowing your true self to shape your eating habits and lifestyle patterns, while empowered with the knowledge of nutritional science so you can use food to your advantage. while this sounds simple in nature, it is actually a skill to be developed. it’s much more likely that our food choices have been shaped by experiential learnings, conditioned beliefs, and self-image.


together we can manage:

  • yeast (candida), fungal or parasitic overgrowth

  • allergies and intolerances

  • hormonal imbalances

  • stress-induced adrenal fatigue

  • cleansing and detoxification

  • addiction recovery support

  • anxiety and depression support

  • intuitive eating support

  • digestive system impairments

  • fatigue and low energy

  • immune system suppression

  • blood sugar

  • cholesterol and blood pressure

  • overburdened organs (liver, pancreas, gallbladder)

  • dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance)

  • disordered eating support


we specialize in plant-based diets

plant-based diets are proven not only to nourish our bodies, but also to prevent and even reverse the most prevalent diseases that are linked to animal product consumption.

far more than a fad, vegetarian and vegan diets are backed by research on cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, aging, and mental health. foods grown from the earth are the most health-supportive we have access to, both for what they naturally contain (nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, phytonutrients) and for what they don’t (antibiotics, damaging fats, cholesterol, inflammatory and acid-forming agents). for more info, check out why plants? in our faq section.

to whatever degree you’d like to implement more natural foods into your diet, hiley meets you where you’re at. ultimately, your food choices are solely your own and should be grounded in your truth and authenticity. choosing foods of any origin that are aligned with your beliefs will transform restrictive “good” and “bad” labeling to the freeing “foods I eat” and “foods I don’t eat”.

we support your mental health

simply put, a properly functioning brain and nervous system cannot exist in a malnourished body. the ability to cope with life’s stressors, make rational decisions, stay alert and cognitive, and remain emotionally stable is directly influenced by diet. by working on factors such as blood sugar levels, proper fats for brain health, allergy elimination, and bacterial balancing in the gut-brain axis, we have found success in allowing clients to regulate their mood and more effectively receive other mental health services.

symptoms of nutritional deficiencies are commonly mistaken for issues such as anxiety and ADHD - a tragic oversight that leads to misdiagnoses, abuse of stimulants or relaxants, and incorrect prescribing of medications.

hiley’s mission is to work with people on hard skills (what, how, and when they eat) and soft skills (lifestyle choices, emotional and mental patterns) to help stabilize their physical and mental health. this holistic approach is designed to lessen the instance of mental health concerns, normalize mental and emotional self-care, and decrease reliance on pharmaceuticals.